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Marketing Online offers Affordable Internet Marketing Services for Optimizing your Website Search Engine Placement as well as other Key Promotional Solutions Customized to your Specific Internet Marketing Needs

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Are you in need of internet marketing online and website promotion services? There are 350 million Web pages on the Internet. Where is your site? How are people going to find it? Is your website buried in the cellars of the search engines and directories? Is it even on the radar screen?

"What should I do?" is an often heard question. And a good question it is! Fact is, PR and publicity is a lot of hard work, but you must commit the time and effort to make your site a success. We are ready to help you accomplish your website marketing online goals.

One key is marketing online, and another is timing. Whatever you decide to do, don't market online until your site is live and looking good.

Down the road, your marketing online efforts should be evaluated. Use market analysis to find out who your visitors are (and how to get more of them). You'll want to do this with software that reads your server logs and pulls out data so you'll know first-hand how well your site is doing.

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Promoting a Web site takes a lot of effort. Our marketing online packages cover everything from "soup to nuts," but keep in mind that you are the greatest asset of your business. You are the single point of success.

How can we help you help yourself? By optimizing your current site so the search engine robots find and index your site, and by evaluating your site for optimal search engine and link placement.

A Web site without marketing is like a day without sunshine! Whether you want to promote public awareness or sell products and services, letting your Web presence shine through is a must! Marketing is the key to your success.

Ask and You Shall Receive

One way to promote your site is to ask others for LINKS to your Web address. In return, they may ask for a reciprocal link. A link can be in the form of a small, colorful banner coded with your Web address, or a simple text link. Web rings are another way to promote your site.

You can have a banner made that projects your "corporate image" -- a small graphic with your logo, company name and a "hook" --  to persuade Web surfers to click and visit your site.  Note: Do not depend on "click-throughs." For every 100 surfers who see a banner, only one or two will actually click 'n' go and usually not to buy.

"Hooks,"  like freebies, contests and special Web discounts and coupons, have been proven to generate the greatest results in building traffic.  Designing a page and banner with this in mind can be rewarding.

Get Your Motor Goin'...Head Out on the Highway

Getting your links and banners on other sites will increase traffic, but not by much, so you may not want to spend money for banner advertising.  Of course, small businesses do not usually have the resources to advertise on sites.  There are many options, however, that will increase your traffic without depleting your profits before they are made.  Link exchange programs allow you to trade banners or text links with others.  Many such programs are available at little or no cost to you.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Links from associations within your industry will help increase traffic.  Many communities also offer links to businesses in their geographical area. Another method is to list your site in the Web's yellow pages, manufacturers' directories, classifieds, community and association sites, etc.

We Recommend: - Reciprocal Link Exchange Directory Service For Webmasters!

You can also write and post press releases for the greatest exposure on the Web, but don't do this before contracting with a professional. A call to a local reporter is one thing. Sending out a poorly written release SPAM style will definitely get you nowhere.

Email Marketing vs. SPAM

SPAM of any kind is a terrible idea. Unsolicited "bulk email services" must be avoided like the plague! Not only are such "campaigns" ineffective, but buying into this "bill of goods" can result in the loss of your Web site and Internet connection. True opt-in email is a better idea.

Most Web users looking for a particular product or service will use a search engine.  Search engines allow people to enter a few key words such as "bicycle repair New York."  This will bring up a list of companies that provide this service in the specified area.

Collateral Marketing

In addition to marketing on the Web, it is important to promote your cyberspace address in other media.  We recommend adding your Web site address to your business cards, letterhead and voice mail greetings, as well as any radio, TV or print advertisements you might run.

Internet Marketing and Website Promotion

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Strategic Evaluation Optimization of Your Web Site

Includes a thorough review of your site through the eyes of the top search engines and directories to ensure ranking readiness. Each search engine has a different algorithm for content, body text, html code and other factors. These factors change frequently and we stay on top of the changes. Highly optimized sites get better rankings!
Cost: $100 for site of one to four pages

Meta Tag Development and Optimization

Meta tags are html placed between the <head> and </head> tags of your web site code. Once your site is solidly optimized, the next step is finely tuned meta tags with correct syntax, key terms, words and phrases. Search engines like some words better than others; certain engines pay attention to case sensitivity and others do not. Getting high rankings in search engines is improved with good meta tags
Cost Per Page: $85

Search Engine Placement

Hand submission to the 25 top search engines Submissions allowing category placement are researched for increased targeted traffic to your site. (does not include engines requiring pay for placement such as Yahoo). The largest engines prefer (and some require) hand submissions done according to their unique format to get a listing
Cost per web page submitted: $75

Mass Search Engine Placement

Quarterly mass submissions of your site to 250,000+ search engines, ffa, and classified ad sites (excluding the 30 top search engines and directories). Four times a year you receive a full report of the sites that accepted your site for a listing. Submissions allowing category placement are research for increased traffic to your site.
Cost per page: $135 Includes four submissions and a report (See full Marketing Package Below to Save Money)

Full Marketing Package Special

We have compiled a special package for the many wishing to take full advantage of all of the above marketing services. Each individual marketing strategy detailed above is included in this package plus four reports per year about your search engine rankings, link popularity, and overall internet presence (report feature only available to full marketing clients).
Cost: $295 Annually
With all of the effort put into creating your website can you afford not to have it visible? Clients
Marketing Package Special

As a way of saying thank you to our valued web hosting clients at we have reduced the full marketing package price. This package includes all of the services listed above in the full marketing package special. Please note in the comments field if your site is hosted at
Discounted Rate: $200 Annually

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